100 short Messages of the Holy Quran

  1. Do not be rude in conversation
  2. Control your anger
  3. Do good to others.
  4. Don't be arrogant.
  5. Forgive the mistakes of others
  6. Talk softly to people.
  7. Keep your voice low
  8. Don't make fun of others.
  9. Serve Parents
  10. Do not utter a word insulting your parents.
  11. Do not enter their room without parental permission.
  12. Write the account.
  13. Do not blindly imitate anyone.
  14. If the debtor is having a hard time, give him more time to pay.
  15. Don't eat usury.
  16. Don't take bribes.
  17. Don't break your promise.
  18. Trust others.
  19. Do not mix lies with truth.
  20. Establish justice between people.
  21. Stand firm for justice.
  22. Distribute the wealth of the dead to all the members of the family
  23. women also share in the inheritance,
  24. Do not seize the property of orphans.
  25. Protect orphans
  26. Do not waste the wealth of others unnecessarily,
  27. Make peace between people.
  28. Beware of suspicion.
  29. Do not gossip.
  30. Don't spy.
  31. Do charity '
  32. Feed the poor '
  33. Find and Help the Needy
  34. Don't waste money.
  35. Don't beg for alms.
  36. Respect the guests.
  37. Do good yourself and then exhort others.
  38. Do not spread evil in the land.
  39. Do not stop people from entering mosques
  40. Fight only those who fight you.
  41. Take care of war etiquette during the war.
  42. Do not show your back during the war.
  43. There is no rigidity in religion
  44. Believe in all the prophets.
  45. Do not have sexual intercourse during menstruation.
  46. Breastfeed children for two years
  47. Beware of sexual immorality
  48. Choose rulers on merit,
  49. Do not burden anyone beyond his capacity. '
  50. Beware of hypocrisy.
  51. Think deeply about the creation and wonders of the universe.
  52. Women and men will have an equal share in their deeds.
  53. Do not marry in selected blood relations
  54. Men should be the head of the family '
  55. Don't be stingy.
  56. Don't be jealous,
  57. Do not kill one another.
  58. Do not advocate deception.
  59. Don't co-operate with others in sin and severity. '
  60. Help one another in goodness'
  61. The majority is not a test of truth.
  62. Stay on the Right Path
  63. Set an example by punishing crimes.
  64. Struggle Against Sin and Injustice
  65. Dead animals, blood and pork are haraam
  66. Avoid alcohol and other drugs.
  67. Don't gamble.
  68. Do not manipulate.
  69. Do not gossip.
  70. Eat and drink, but do not be extravagant.
  71. Wear good clothes when praying.
  72. Protect those who ask you for help and protection.
  73. Maintain Purity
  74. Never despair of Allah's mercy.
  75. Allah forgives mistakes made in ignorance.
  76. Call to Allah with wisdom and good guidance.
  77. No man shall bear his iniquity.
  78. Do not kill your children for fear of poverty.
  79. Do not follow what you do not know.
  80. Stay away from hidden things (don't search).
  81. Do not enter other people's homes without permission.
  82. Allah protects those who believe in Him.
  83. Walk on the earth with humility.
  84. Do your part in the world.
  85. Do not associate anyone with God.
  86. Don't fall for homosexuality '
  87. Accompany the Right (Avoid the False)
  88. Do not walk proudly on earth.
  89. Women should not display their adornment '
  90. Allah forgives all sins except shirk.
  91. Do not despair of Allah's mercy.
  92. Put an end to evil with good.
  93. Decisions to do with consultation
  94. The most honorable of you is the most pious.
  95. Religion does not have monasticism.
  96. Allah puts those who have knowledge first.
  97. Treat non-Muslims with kindness and courtesy.
  98. Protect Yourself From Greed
  99. Ask forgiveness of Allah. He is the Forgiver, the Most Merciful
  100. Do not deny anyone who raises a question.

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