Interesting information About Facts

  1. The “Nile River” is the longest river in the world with a “length of 6670” km.
  2. The Cod Fish lays 9 million eggs a year, but very few of them survive.
  3. Sam Sung is a combination of two Korean words, Sam and Sung. Sam means "three" and Sung means "stars". That is three stars
  4. The wreckage of the Titanic, the ship is still present at a depth of 3800 meters in the sea.
  5. The maximum depth of the sea is about 11 km (10923 m)
  6. Robert Pershing (8 feet 11 inches), the tallest man of the twentieth century grew taller than his mother at the age of four and a half years.
  7. 22% of people in the world use Google to check their spelling. And 80% of people in Pakistan use Google to find out if the Internet is running or not.
  8. Sultan Ismail bin Al-Sharif Ibn Al-Nasr of Morocco who ruled Morocco from 1672 to 1727 for 55 years. He had 525 sons and 342 daughters from different wives and bondage.
  9. Forbidden City is a complex of the largest and best-preserved royal palaces and other buildings in the world. It has 9999 rooms in 800 buildings. The ancient Chinese believed that the number of ten thousand "divine perfection." That is why the number of rooms here has been kept one digit less than ten thousand.
  10. A Russian woman, Mrs. Vasilyev, gave birth to 69 children from the same husband over a period of 40 years, from 1725 to 1765.
  11. Young girls still called goddesses are still worshiped in Nepal.
  12. The frog's tongue has the power to swallow three times bigger prey
  13. The most dangerous air crash ever occurred in 1977. And in this crash, 583 people were killed.
  14. About half of the world's population lives in only five countries: China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Indonesia.
  15. One hundred years from now, Facebook will have 500 million such accounts that have passed away.
  16. Did you know that blind people do not dream like us?
  17. The “Pyramids of Egypt” are the only wonders of the world that were included in the seven wonders of antiquity and the seven new wonders of the world.
  18. Did you know that a village in the United States is also called Lahore. Which is named after Lahore, Pakistan?
  19. Owl It is the only bird that blinks its upper eyelids. All other birds blink their lower eyelids.
  20. Do you know the interesting thing about the Dead Sea that even if you fall into it, you will not drown in it?
  21. The world's largest note in terms of numbers was issued by Zimbabwe in 2009, which was 100 trillion dollars, or 100 trillion Zimbabwean dollars.
  22. Do you know the interesting thing about lions that when lion cubs bite their parents, they often act like crying.
  23. Did you know that a bird named Qadoos falls asleep or can fall asleep while flying?
  24. The scorpion can hold its breath for six days. The scorpion cannot breathe in the bottom of the water, so it holds its breath even if it is left lying there for six days. He will not breathe, but he will live.

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