Learn from the river

A man could Learn from everything 
If you want to learn ... Rivers also teach a lot ...
1. Rivers never flow back, always ahead ...
Forget the past and focus on the future
2. Rivers make their own way, but if there is a major obstacle, they can easily turn around and walk on new paths.
Fighting problems and obstacles, arguing, and stubbornness is actually a waste of time.
3. You can't cross the river without getting wet ...
In the same way, you have to live with sorrow. With courage and enthusiasm.
4. The rivers don't have to be pushed, they move on their own.
Can't You Become a Self Start?
5. Where the river is deeper, there is more silence.
Knowledgeable and deep people are also calm.
6. The river flows without being disturbed by the stone-throwers.
You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.
7. A big river never forbids small rivers, streams, and springs to meet with it. You should also, raise your container and lookup.
8. The river always follows a path, that path ... Wherever he goes, he reaches the sea ...
We have also been taught to go to Allah Almighty.
9. Rivers also, know ...
There is no need to hurry, one day we will reach our destination with constant and continuous 

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