My ALLAH knows my Name

When Hazrat Saad bin Abi Waqas conquered Madain, a few days later an ordinary Mujahid came to him. He had something wrapped in cloth. He took it out and said,

O Amir al-Jaish! I have come to serve you with this trust.
When Hazrat Saad opened it, it was the Crown of the king of Madyan. The Crown was made of gold and had so many precious diamonds and pearls on it that if the mujahid had sold it and eat it, he would not have had to earn seven generations.
The Crown had fallen from the head of the king who was killed in this battle, he was lying in the dust and this mujahid was found. No one knew that he had that Crown. He also hid it. When everything was settled, he brought it and presented it to Saad ibn Abi Waqqas.

Hazrat Saad was amazed at his sincerity that no one even knew about this Crown, he is a poor servant, he could have kept it with him,
So they marveled at his sincerity and asked him,
O, Mujahid! what's your name?
At this question, Mujahid turned his back on them and said:

The Allah to whom I have returned this Crown to please, the Allah knows my name, saying he went out of his court.

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